Township: ABADÍN
Region: Terra Chá
Province: Lugo
Position: 43°21′49″N 7°28′30″W
Area: 196,1 km²
Population: 3.201 population
Density: 16,6 pop/km²
Website: www.abadin.es
Patron Saint Fair: 8th September – St. Mary
Important Events: Expogrelo (Turnip tops fair) – February
Monthly Fairs:
Places of Interest:Cadramón Ranges and O Xistral.
A lot of transepts, chapels and rural churches cover the municipality, the Bretoña temple stands out, Castromayor castle, etc.
Wards: 19Abadín (St. Mary)
Abeledo (St. Mary)
Aldije (St. Peter)
Baroncelle (St. James)
Cabaneiro (St. Bartholomew)
Candia (St. Peter)
Castromayor (St. John)
Corvite (St. Peter)
Fanoi (St. Mary Magdalene)
Fraiás (St. Peter)
Galgao (St. Martín)
Las Goás (St. Peter)
Graña de Villarente (St. Mary Magdalene)
Labrada (St. Peter)
Moncelos (St. Mary)
Montouto (St. Mary)
Quende (St. James)
Romariz (St. John)
Seivane de Villarente (St. John)