Township: ALFOZ
Region: A Mariña Central
Province: Lugo
Position: 43°31′42″N 7°24′50″O
Area: 78 km²
Population: 2.268 population
Density: 34 pop/km²
Patron Saint Fair: July – St. Christopher
Important Events: Medieval Market - July's third weekend
Places of Interest:Fraga Vella in the Range of Xistral and River Ouro - LIC Place of community importance - Red Natura 2000
It stands out: Castro of Ouro Castle, Galea Housefarms, A Frouxeira Castle ruins.
Wards: 9Adelán (St. James)
Bacoi (St. Mary)
Carballido (St. Sebastian)
O Castro de Ouro (San Salvador)
Lagoa (St. Vincent)
Mor (St. Peter)
As Oiras (St. Mamede)
O Pereiro (St. Mary)
O Reirado (St. Mary)