Interpretation Centres

SpaceC. I. TERRAS DO MIÑO (Intpretation Centre Terras do Miño)
AddressPaseo del Rato s/n
Opening HoursEvery day 09.00 to 15.00 h. Excluding weekends and holidays.
DescriptionThe interpretation centre Terras do
Miño is located in a renovated building that was formerly "o muíño do tendeiro" (the mill of the shopkeeper). All rooms and contents will be about the Biosphere Reserve Terras do Miño. There is an audio-visual presentation of the ethnography, nature, history, landscape and culture of the water in Terras do Miño. We can also find 4 exhibition rooms, forest room, river room, tourist information room, and image room of the Terras do Miño. It has a program of guided tours aimed at the entire population, which gets the visitor closer to the knowledge on Terras do Miño.
SpaceC. I. DE LA LAGUNA DE COSPEITO (Interpretation Centre of the Lake of Cospeito)
AddressRosalía de Castro s/n - C.P. 27377
Opening HoursCheck in advance
DescriptionThe interpretation centre of the
Laguna de Cospeito has been managed by the Council of Cospeito since 2004, and from then, numerous are the activities developed in the surrounding environment. The main functions of this centre are the following: reception and information to visitors, guided tours for school students, census elaboration and periodic monitoring of the lake birds, organization of courses on ornithology, lectures, conferences, exhibitions, performing maintenance, technical assistance to the Council of Cospeito.
SpaceC. I. ETNOGRÁFICO MAZO DE SANTA COMBA (Interpretation Centre Ethnographic Mallet of Saint Columba)
AddressCarretera LG 546, Km2
MunicipalitySANTA COMBA (LUGO)
Opening HoursAdapted to restaurant hours. Check in advance
DescriptionLocated in the River Chamoso, at the
site of Santa Comba, near the city of Lugo, it is an important industrial archaeology complex, in which the power of the water by an ingenious channel architecture, giving force to the mallet, the saw, forges, mill... It consists of a flour mill, mallet, saw and whetstone (hydraulic). Until the 60s, it was employed for the manufacture of sickles, to grind grain in the area and the transformation of wood into tables. It was recently restored with funds from the Programme for the Development and Economic Diversification of Rural Areas (PRODER MIÑO) as an important example of recovery of the hydraulic-ethnographic heritage, linked to the river basins, to be spent on the ethnographic interpretation centre, where demonstrations are conducted on the functioning of the elements which it consists of. In the same complex of the Mallet of Santa Comba, visitors can enjoy typical dishes of the local cuisine at a restaurant with great views of the natural environment of the River Chamoso.
SpaceC. I. CASA DAS ÍNSUAS (Interpretation Centre House of the Islands)
AddressR/ José Pardo y Pardo Montenegro, nº 27
MunicipalityRABADE (LUGO)
Opening HoursCheck in advance
DescriptionThe Casa das Ínsuas is a Centre
of Study and Conservation of Nature administered by the Galician Association of Land Stewardship. The Casa das Ínsuas has several functions in addition to serving as the headquarters of the association. It already has a Documentation Centre which brings together library collections related to the study and conservation of nature, deposited by various entities and people individually. These funds are available to anyone interested in these topics. The Documentation Centre can be used at the same time as boardroom for those organizations that desire it. The House has also an Interpretation Centre consisting of three rooms which together form an area of over 100 m2 dedicated to exhibitions. Another area of the house is a room that serves as a nursery for naturalistic entities, which has all the basic office requirements: jobs, internet links, multifunction printer, coffee maker, etc. The shared use of this space with other entities is intended to encourage the exchange of ideas, synergies and network. Finally, the Casa has a fantastic auditorium for meetings, assemblies, lectures and all kinds of events.