MAB Programme in Spain

Network of Reserves in Spain

The Spanish Network RB is comprised of 48 spaces (in March 2016), distributed amongst all the biogeographical areas of the State and in 15 of the 17 autonomous communities. Four of the biosphere reserves (RB) are cross-border (one with Marruecos and three with Protugal), and even one of these is intercontinental.

The biosphere reserves are territories that apply the hypotheses of the MAB Programme of UNESCO. They constitute a network whose orientations are generated in meetings of the World Network of Biosphere Reserves, which then are approved by the government authorities of the MAB Programme, in the first place, and, finally, by the UNESCO General Committee.

The incorporation of new territories to this Network is done at the request of the countries, voluntarily. The proposals must include certain requirements and certain commitments that ensure the compliance of the functions of the RBs –to make preservation compatible with sustainable development, and to accomplish its network roles.

The application is structured according to an application form devised by UNESCO.