Zoological species

The diverse natural and synanthropic habitats existing in the Reserve territory host a large number of botanical and zoological species of great biological interest because of their status as endemic species, relicts or for being threatened or endangered within its natural geographic range.

In the following tables the relationship between the zoological species existing in Terras do Miño.

No. grids: No. Grids UTM (10x10 m) with presence of the species

NA: Not Threatened; R: Rare; I: Insufficiently known; V: Vulnerable

I, II, III, IV: Annexes corresponding to the Directives, Royal Decrees, etc., in which the species is mentioned.

Study of 2002

Source: Laboratory of Botany from S.G.H.N., 1995; HERVELLÁ RODRÍGUEZ et al, 1999; IZCO SEVILLANO et al, 1997

Species of conservation concern

The Biosphere Reserve includes a large number of protected species by both the Community regulations (Habitat Directive), national regulations (National Catalogue of Endangered Species) and autonomic regulations (Galician Endangered Species List).

especies de interes para la conservacion


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