MAB Programme Spain

Catalogue of demonstrative experiences in the Biosphere Reserves in Spain

The publication that is presented contains a set of experiences that are an example of the work developed in the Spanish Network of Biosphere Reserves.

This book gathers a sample of 69 representative experiences of the existing ones. Its selection and collection was realised in the year 2008 and is presented now in four big thematic sections related to the functions of the Biosphere Reserves: the preservation of their natural values and their compatibility with their economic development and the quality of life of the citizens that inhabit and protect them; the research and education as necessary instruments for the improvement and innovation in these territories, model of balance and sustainability; the planning, participation and broadcasting of the actions that will be realised in the following years in a participative way to continue developing a model based on the difficult balance between social and economic development; and the protection and preservation of spaces and species.

This publication constitutes a catalogue of good practises developed in 30 Reserves that can serve as an example for other geographical contexts and that is necessary to divulge in order to increase the capacity of innovation and reply in other territories.

A set of experiences put into practice by the managers of the different reserves, as well as by the citizens themselves that, with their work and participation, show a way to be followed which must have its reflection on the efforts of the public Administrations responsible and the society as a whole.