Biological Characteristics


As species of conservation concern are considered those included in Annex II and IV of the Habitats Directive (DC 92/43/EEC), next to those classified as "endangered" and "Vulnerable" according to the Spanish and Galician Catalogues of Endangered Species.

It is remarkable the number of plant species, since 37 of the taxa inhabiting the Biosphere Reserve Terras do Miño are considered to be "endangered" or "Vulnerable" in the Galician catalogue of endangered species. Among these plant taxa, we can highlight 6 of Community concern (Sphagnum pylaesii, pseudonaricissus Narcissus, N. asturiensis, Luronoium natans, Vandenboschia speciosa and Woodwardi radicans) and a seventh priority (Eryngium viviparum). The “cardiño das lagoas” (the little thistle of the lagoons, Eryngium viviparum) is one of three species of flora present in Galicia with priority category within the Directive 92/43/EEC.

- Species of conservation concern

The Biosphere Reserve includes a large number of protected species by both the Community regulations (Habitat Directive), national regulations (National Catalogue of Endangered Species) and autonomic regulations (Galician Endangered Species List).

Especies de interes para la conservacion


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