Region:Terra Chá
Position:43°10′55″N 7°53′43″W
Area:293,97 km²
Population:5.658 population
Density:19'25 pop/km²
Patron Saint Fair:June – St. John
Important Events:Cattle Fair – 1st Sunday in June in Bretoña
Pardiñas festival, first weekend in August
Monthly Fairs:Every Wednesday
Places of Interest:Leisure areas in Sete Muiños and San Xoan (St. John) of Lagostelle, Parga's Carballeiras (oak woods), Merra's reservoir, St. Mary and St. John of Lagostelle churches, St. Estevo (St. Stephen) of Parga church, Marqués of Camarasa's country house, Pontella country house, Pobra of Parga's castle, etc.
Wards: 18Becín (St. Xiao)
O Buriz (St. Peter)
Labrada (St. Mary)
Lagostelle (St. John)
Mariz (St. Eulalia)
As Negradas (St. Vicenzo)
Parga (St. Stephen)
Pedrafita (St. Mamede)
Pígara (St. Peter)
Roca (St. Xiao)
San Breixo de Parga (St. Breixo)
San Salvador de Parga (St. Salvador)
Santa Cruz de Parga (St. Cruz)
Santa Locaia de Parga (St. Locaia)
Santa Mariña de Lagostelle (St. Mariña)
Trasparga (St. James)
Vilar (St. Mary)
Os Vilares (St. Vicenzo)