Cultural and Ethnographic Heritage


Along the rivers a rich oral tradition was passed down for centuries from father to son, which needs a listener to remember so as no to fall into oblivion. It is manifested around rivers in the form of ballads, legends, tales, chatter, riddles, proverbs and sayings.

  • Legend of the “Home- Peixe" (Fish-Man): "At an unknown place located in the Miño river, apparently in Lugo, a Fish-Man crossed daily the current riding an ark wearing a red cap on his head..."
  • Legend of the Cobra: "I do not know if it is possible as a legend, but if it is true that in the City Council of Outeiro de Rei, near the river, there is a corral that the people call the Tuxo and I know that a big winged snake lived there. It used to leave the area of Raxul (slightly above the Piago) and come flying over the river to Santa Isabel, after, it remained in the Tuxo, and the children who passed by with the cows were a bit frightened. Later, we were told that this was a story that somebody called Manolo had made up, and he also said that he used to catch eels of 5 kilos. We believed that because is was wiser, but now 30 years later we find other people that tells the same story of the winged snake which leads us to think that this legend existed and its origin must be quite old."

This is one of the ways to transmit "traditional knowledge", which have evolved and proved its value over time. Particular forms of "know-how-to" have been transmitted and adapted to these places and have shown their validity over time.