Points of Interest


Viewpoint:ÁREA RECREATIVA Y Viewpoint DE CASTELO DE GOÍA (Recreation area and viewpoint of Castelo de Goía)
Address:Goía / Lousada (Santo André) 27835 Xermade
DescriptionSmall recreation area located
in Mount Castelo de Goía in the middle of the Range of Carba at 871 m altitude, next to a rocky crag, excellent observation point for great panoramic views of the regions of Terra Chá, Eume and the Western Mariña. Besides being an excellent viewpoint, it is equipped with a picnic area. Flat mountain vegetation environment of eucalyptus afforestation, in a landscaped setting with an abundance of contrasting slate rocks.
Description3,500 m2 lake, surrounded by
alders and birches that give a touch of softness and gentleness to it. Officially considered "mother" of the Miño River, it is one of several outcrops that provide flow to the upper reaches of the river. A “cruceiro” by Manuel Mallo and a monument of Picallo Duran, are proof of the natural event of this birth. It can be considered a landmark and good starting point to begin a visit to Terra Chá, one of the regions of Galicia with the most geographical personality.
Address:O Palomar - 27004 LUGO
DescriptionViewpoint in the Miño River right
next to the old factory of light on the riverwalk that runs between the fairgrounds and the municipal sports complex of O Pombal. From it, we can observe a beautiful view of the river Miño with its "Caneiros" (dam where fishing nets are placed) and islands, the long river walk, the neighbourhood of San Lazaro, the River Club and, beyond, the neighborhood of A Ponte, with the Roman bridge and the health resort. A place both quiet and cozy.
Viewpoint:MIRADOR DE FEIRA DO MONTE (Viewpoint of Blanco Amor)
Address:Avenida de Feira do Monte, s-n / A Feira do Monte / Sistallo (San Xoán) - COSPEITO
DescriptionThe viewpoint of Feira do Monte,
real viewpoint of the Terra Chá, is situated on the highest point of the core of Cospeito, just a few metres from the shrine of Our Lady of the Mountain. From this, an overview of much of the region is obtained with the Lake of Cospeito in the foreground. It is a modern building made a few years ago, with a semicircular ground floor and a veranda with a cylindrical floor, with outside access via stairs.
Viewpoint:MIRADOR DE PENAS DE RODAS (Viewpoint of Stones de Rodas)
Address:Santiago de Gaioso (Santiago) - 27157 OUTEIRO DE REI
DescriptionRecreation area whose significant
name "Penas de Rodas" is due to the natural location in the place of two granite masses which, from its elevated position, overlook a broad overview of the peneplain. Located in the mountain, in the middle of a pine forest, it is a suitable place for leisure and rest.

Viewpoint:MIRADOR DE VOLTA DA VIÑA (Viewpoint of Volta of the Vineyard)
Address:Garañón - 27002 LUGO
DescriptionViewpoint located in the traditionally
known as Costa da Viña (Vineyard Coast), from which a beautiful view is discovered of the surroundings of Lugo, in particular: the Roman bridge, the health resort, the Roman baths, the river walk on the Miño and the grounds for exhibitions and fairs.
Viewpoint:MIRADOR VAL DE LANCARA (Viewpoint of Lancara Valley)
DescriptionFrom the viewpoint Val of Láncara
we can see a beautiful view of places full of lush vegetation and verdant meadows, watered by many streams.
Viewpoint:REFUGIO Y MIRADOR DE SAN BREIXO (Refuge and Viewpoint of San Breixo)
Address:Santo Alberto / San Breixo de Parga - 27388 GUITIRIZ
DescriptionThe first thing we find is the
refuge for fishermen, stone building rectangular in shape of good dimensions, which has a cooking hearth, a fountain and tables. It is a good starting point for fishing and rest, on the banks of the river Parga. Following the path towards the mountain top, we will access the terraced viewpoint that occupies an area of 1.2 ha, and which has equipment for relaxation and outdoor dining, with a stone fountain with two spouts of very fresh water. From this place, good views are beheld.