Region:Terra Chá
Position:43°28′4″N -7°-43′-23″E
Area:163,82 km²
Population:754 population
Density:4'6 pop/km²
Patron Saint Fair:June – St. Peter
Important Events:Cattle fair on the 1st Sunday in June in Bretoña
Monthly Fairs:Muras, on the 9th of every month, and in O Vivierón, on the 4th Sunday every month
Places of Interest:San Pedro (St. Peter) de Muras Church, Sta. María (St. Mary) de O Burgo Church, Sta. María (St. Mary) de O Viveirón Church, Silán's Tower and Country House, Cruceiros (stoney crosses settled on pillars usually found by roads) distributed throughout the municipal territory, etc.
Wards: 8Ambosores (St. Mary)
A Balsa (St. Mary)
O Burgo (St. Mary)
Irixoa (St. Xillao)
Muras (St. Peter)
Silán (St. Stephen)
O Sisto (St. Mary)
O Viveiró (St. Mary)