Biosphere Reserve Terras do Miño

Management Authorities

The regulations of the Management Authority of the Biosphere Reserve Terras do Miño were initially passed by the PLENO of the Council of Lugo in SESION ORDINARIA celebrated on 26th January, 2012. Then, these regulations were shown to the public from the 1st of February, 2012, for a period of 30 days, not presenting any allegations or complaints, therefore, it was finally approved with its publication in the Official Bulletin of the Province of Lugo, on 4th of April, 2012 (OBP no. 76).

The Management Authority of the Reserve has as its function the realisation of actions for the planning and management of the Biosphere Reserve Terras do Miño, and it is composed of the following authorities:

  • A Governing Body
  • A Participation Agency
  • A Managing director (optional and not appointed so far).

Governing Body

The governing body is the governing and management body of the Reserve, from which the functions of deliberation, decision and execution are assumed.

As it is stated in article 9 of the regulations, it comprises:

a) President: President of the Council of Lugo.

b) Vice-president: Representative of the Urbanism and Environment area of the Council of Lugo.

c) Secretary: Secretary of the Council of Lugo.

d) Board Members:

• A representative of each of the groups founded at the heart of the Board of the Provincial Government of Lugo.

• A representative of the State General Administration: Minister of Agriculture, Food and Environment, or person in charge.

• A representative of the Galician Autonomous Government.

• Two well-known and of adequate technical knowledge technicians from the university academic world: Jesús Domínguez Conde and Fernando Planas Roca.


Participation Agency

The Participating Agency of the Reserve has as its aim to act as support, advice, and consultation of the Governing Body, through the study and debate of the instruments and acts related to the Reserve, in particular, those that are dealt with in the Action Plan of the Reserve, as well as actively participating in the generation of new initiatives.

In the article 25 of the Regulations, the composition of the Participating Agency is established, consisting of representatives of public administrations as well as associations, organisations, institutions and collectives that develop activities in the aspects connected to the accomplishment of the objectives of the Reserve, or that are representatives of social, economical or environmental interests, whose aims are in accordance with the inspiring principles of the MAB Programme of UNESCO.

At the constituent meeting of the Participation Agency of 27th of October, 2011, it was unanimously agreed to open a public call (BOP #248 of 29/10/2011) so that, within 15 calendar days, these associations submitted their candidacy to such Participation Agency.

Subsequently, the Governing Body decided to leave this call permanently open so that any association could be integrated into the Body in the future.

Currently, the Participation Agency is composed of:

a) President: President of the Council of Lugo.

b) Amongst the board members there will be a representative of each of the groups founded at the heart of the Board, and the representatives of each of the 26 town councils which have all or part of their municipal boundaries in the Biosphere Reserve: Ourol, O Valadouro, Muras, Alfoz, Mondoñedo, Abadín, Xermade, Vilalba, A Pastoriza, Riotorto, Guitiriz, Cospeito, Meira, Begonte, Rábade, Castro de Rei, Outeiro de Rei, Pol, Lugo, Friol, Castroverde, Guntín, O Corgo, Baralla, O Páramo and Láncara.

c) Representatives of the following associations and entities:

  • Asociación revolta natural (Natural Riot Association)
  • Tecor de caza Riotorto (Hunting Tecor of Riotorto)
  • Asociación medioambiental de Riotorto (Environmental Association of Riotorto)
  • Sociedade galega de historia natural (SGHN) (Galician Society of Natural History)
  • Asociación terras de Lugo (Lands of Lugo Association)
  • Agrupación de asociacións de veciños de Lugo (Agrupalugo) (Group of Neighbourhood Associations of Lugo)
  • Asociación para a defensa ecolóxica de Galiza (Adega) (Association for the Ecological Defense of Galicia)
  • Sindicato labrego galego (Galician Farmer Union)
  • Comunidade de montes en mano común de Amorín e Carqueixas (Community of Hills in Common Hand of Amorín e Carqueixas)
  • Comunidade de montes en man común de Santo Estevo de Parga (Community of Hills in Common Hand of Santo Estevo de Parga)
  • Comunidade de montes en man común de San Xulián de Roca (Community of Hills in Common Hand of San Xulián de Roca)
  • Asociación española contra el cáncer (Xunta local de Guitiriz) (Spanish Association against Cancer, local government of Guitiriz)
  • Asociación cultural e medioambiental dos veciños de San Xulián de Becín (Cultural and Environmental Association of the Neighbours of San Xulián de Becín)
  • Asociación galega de custodia do territorio (Galician Association of Territorial Safekeeping)
  • Asociación cultural amigos do patrimonio de Castroverde (Cultural Association of Friends of the Castroverde Heritage)
  • Sociedade micolóxica lucus (Lucus Mycological Society)
  • Asociación de desenvolvemento comarcal da Terra Cha (GDR-2) (Association for the Regional Development of the Terra Chá)
  • Asociación os sete castros (GDR-6) (Seven “Castros” Association)
  • Asociación montes e vales (GDR-3) (Hills and Valleys Association)
  • Asociación de desenvolvemento da comarca da Mariña (GDR-1) (Association for the Development of the Region of A Mariña)
  • Asociación cultural arrincadeira de Riotorto (Cultural Association Arrincadeira of Riotorto)