Leisure and Sports


Canoeing Club: CLUB FLUVIAL DE LUGO (River Club of Lugo)
Address: Calle Fermín Rivera s/n
Location: Lugo
Phone: 982 221 167
E-mail: fluvial@clubfluviallugo.com
Web: www.clubfluvial.org
Characteristics: Canoeing is a sport that offers many possibilities to its practitioners, they may choose quiet rivers with which to enjoy the leisure and tranquillity or if, they prefer, be entertained with more difficult routes where risk and adrenaline will be normal. The main feature of canoeing is that you it can be performed in two types of boats: canoes and kayaks. Kayakers, kneeling or sitting, take an oar that is not supported on the vessel and which helps them to move forward. Over the years it has become a sport that has an increasing number of followers. And not without reason, given that it has many advantages: a. It allows you to be in good physical shape. b. It is a way to get in touch with nature without altering or damaging it. c. It is a sport that allows you to navigate any type of water without any limitations other than yourself. In fact, many compete in the various existing modalities nowadays. However, it is also possible to practice this sport without competing with anyone, becoming therefore a personal challenge or a way to do water tourism discovering new and amazing landscapes.
Courses: During the summer months. Check in advance.
Canoeing Club: ESCOLA LUCENSE DE PIRAGÜISMO (Canoeing School of Lugo)
Address: As Saamasas s/n 27004 Lugo
Location: Lugo
Phone: 982 201 895
E-mail: escoladepiraguismo@deputacionlugo.org