Position:43°21′49″N 7°28′30″W
Area:124,46 km²
Population:1.794 population
Density:14'28 pop/km²
Patron Saint Fair:August – Emigrants Fair
Important Events:
Monthly Fairs:First Friday every month in Mosteiro
Places of Interest:Valonga's Church, Nuestra Sra. Das Neves (Our Lady of the Snows) Shrine, Pol's Parish, Eiras' Big House, Fondón Country House, Valonga's Church, Loureiro's Church, Cirio's Church, Waterfalls and natural environment of the River Lua, As Neves and Mosteiro leisure areas, etc.
Wards: 19Arcos (St. Peter)
Aspai (St. Cibrao)
Carazo (St. Peter)
Cirio (St. Mary)
Ferreiros (St. Andrew)
Fraialde (St. Marina)
Gondel (St. Cosme)
Hermunde (St. Peter)
Lea (St. Bartholomew)
Luaces (St. Mary)
Milleirós (St. James)
Mosteiro (St. Salvador)
Pol (St. Stephen)
San Martín de Lúa (St. Martin)
San Martiño de Ferreiros (St. Martin)
Silva (St. James)
Suegos (St. Eulalia)
Torneiros (St. Lawrence)
Valonga (St. Mary)