Frequent questions

Is the information available in other languages?

At the top, you can find the available languages for this website. Clicking on the desired language, the web will be translated automatically.

If I cannot see the texts very well, can I change the size?

On the top bar you can find three letters "A" with different sizes. Clicking on them, the texts will be adapted to a larger or smaller size as you wish.

How do I contact the Organisation?

In the bottom right, you can find the link "Contact", whereby you can contact us.

If I get lost in the web, is there any diagram or outline to guide me through it?

At the foot of the website, you will find a link called "Site Map" which will guide you to get around the web.

If I'm browsing, how do I return to the main page?

Clicking on the upper right button "Start" or by clicking on the top left logo "Terras do Miño".

How to see the attachments?

Clicking, they open in a separate tab in the browser.

How do I know that an image can be expanded?

When you place the cursor on it and a magnifying glass appears with a "+" sign inside.

How do I expand an image to see it bigger?

Placing the cursor over the image and clicking, the image is zoomed in another tab.

How do I print the information that is useful to me?

At the bottom of each section you will find the image of a printer, clicking on it will prepare the document for printing.

I found a file that I would like to download and now I cannot find it, where I can I look for it?

In this link: Publications you can find all the attachments available on the web organized by category.

How do I access the map of routes and the locations of the places named in the portal?

In the last point of the navigation bar: Map Terras do Miño, you can find all the locations and routes available.

If I'm on the map but I do not know how to use it, where do I find the information?

On the left of the map you will see a navigation menu whereby you will be able to find what you need. Checking the corresponding boxes, the desired information will be reflected on the map.

If I need to see the map in another way, can it be changed?

To the right of the map, below the logo there is a tab that will allow you to change the map type between, "satellite", "map" or "hybrid".

How do I expand the image to see the location within the map well?

You can zoom in the map in two ways, using the mouse wheel forward –if you want to enlarge it—, or backward –if you want to reduce it—, or by using the "+" and "-" buttons found at the top of the map .

Does the map have any help?

On the right, under the logo, you can find a help button that explains how the map works.

What is the function of the blue arrow at the end of the documents?

Its purpose is to automatically take you to the header of the site if you click on it.

How I can look at the available events in the calendar?

Clicking on the selected day a window with all the available information on that event will open.

How I can see the restaurants of a City Council?

If you select the name of a City Council, inside the section “Where to eat”, the restaurants available will automatically open.