Biosphere Reserve Terras do Miño


The Biosphere Reserve Terras do Miño was the first declared in Galicia by UNESCO, on 8th of November, 2002.

The River Miño, the longest and most important in Galicia, goes through this region, providing it with a palpable magic in its waters, in which the history and most ancestral past of its inhabitants is reflected.

Thus, from its source, the river delights us with an area which stands out by its nature and its singular characteristics, small villages and towns placed in the high basin of the river, and which define Terras do Miño.

The Reserve occupies 26 local governments: Ourol, O Valadouro, Muras, Alfoz, Mondoñedo, Abadín, Xermade, Vilalba, A Pastoriza, Riotorto, Guitiriz, Cospeito, Meira, Begonte, Rábade, Castro de Rei, Outeiro de Rei, Pol, Lugo, Friol, Castroverde, Guntín, O Corgo, Baralla, O Páramo and Láncara, where, along with its millennial monuments whose stones witnessed the presence of ancient settlers, we can also find castles, towers and fortresses which keep the most amazing love stories of the Middle Ages.

All of it flooded by an intense feeling of freshness in which the colours are combined to form one of the most beautiful natural landscapes which the human eye can find.

The water, the origin of life, flaunts its beauty in the different currents and waterfalls when it is drawn in little drops which remind us that we are lost deep in the country.

Everything here is connected by millennial paths which lead us to a world of legends that remember its origins, from the Celts and Romans until its current inhabitants, who keep a tight bond with the land and receive the visitor with a unique hospitality. It is the living image of the traditions of Terras do Miño.

It is this composition the one which allows the birth of the Biosphere Reserve Terras do Miño on 8th of November, 2002, first declared in Galicia.

The waters of the Miño are its soul.

A landscape dominated by the water that flows freely from the mountain ranges that surround the Reserve to, later, go through the territory at a rhythm imposed by the limited slope of this tableland landscape known as Terra Chá. An orography which favours the formation of valuable ecosystems tied to the abundance of hydrological resources.

This is one of the main characteristics of the Biosphere Reserve Terras do Miño, occupying an area of 363.669 ha –39% of the province of Lugo—, which makes it the second most extensive of all declared in the Iberian Peninsula.

Its is also one of the most densely populated, given that we can find important urban centres in its territory. Human settlements that have left their print in the region in the shape of outstanding heritage values, witnesses of a long history. Terras do Miño is the only Biosphere Reserve in the Iberian Peninsula which has a province capital in its territory.

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