Land products

The native products of this land are many and varied; we distinguish, both products of the land forming part of the rich cuisine of the province, and traditional handicrafts: pottery, baskets, etc., that are the cultural heritage of our ancestors.

About native gastronomic products:

"Lugo, due to its geography, its history and the customs of its people, has developed a number of distinctive and renowned products and services, based on the culture and the fruits of the earth. We offer quality, variety, uniqueness and a brand in our products and services. Food, crafts, fashion, entertainment, etc.., Lugo's wealth is priceless."

PGI - Products with Protected Geographic Indication; and PDO - Protected designation of origin, are already a reality in Terras do Miño.

About local crafts:

In 1995 the Provincial Council of Lugo, supporting the sector of traditional craftsmanship, creates the Craft and Design Centre, in order to support and stimulate the necessary measures to preserve, protect and promote such craft sector.

Throughout these years, this objective has been pursued through the work developed in the various permanent autonomous production workshops which now form part of the structure of this Centre, which are mentioned below:

  • Traditional furniture workshop
  • Regional dress workshop
  • Workshop of document conservation and book binding
  • Workshop of tapestry making
  • Workshop of basket making
  • Workshop and archive of musical documents