O Valadouro

Region:A Mariña Central
Position:43°33′7″N -7°-26′-27″E
Area:110,45 km²
Population:2.123 population
Density:19'22 pop/km²
Patron Saint Fair:September – St Mary
Important Events:September – Theatre and traditional music week
Monthly Fairs:Saturdays at Ferreira do Valadouro
Places of Interest:Santa Cruz's Parish Church, María Arteira's Fountain, Cruceiro (stoney cross placed beside roads) of Vilacampa, Frexulfe Rectory House, Gradaille's Country House, Onza's Well, Parga House, etc.
Wards: 10Budián (St. Eulalia)
Cadramón (St. George)
Ferreira (St. Mary)
Frexulfe (St. Eulalia)
A Laxe (St. John)
Moucide (St. Stephen)
Recaré (St. Xiao)
Santo Tomás de Recaré (St. Thomas)
Santa Cruz del Valle de Oro (St. Cruz)
Vilacampa (St. Mary)