Region:Terra Chá
Position:43°18′″N 7°41′″W
Area:379 km²
Population:15.116 population
Density:39'85 pop/km²
Patron Saint Fair:August and September – St. Ramón and St. Mary
Important Events:December – Capon Fair
April – St. Simon Cheese Fair
Monthly Fairs:Tuesdays and Fridays. The Feirón (big fair), first Tuesday after the 16th every month, and the fair, the first Sunday in the month not being the 1st, in which case the fair is celebrated the next Sunday.
Places of Interest:Andrade's Tribute Tower, Megalithic ensembles and Castros at Codesido, Codesino's Tower House, Rañego Mill, Martiñán Bridges, Saa, Rodríguez, Iglesia and Goiriz Cemetery, Condes of Villalba's Country House, Alligal Lagoon, LIC Parga-Ladra-Támoga, Prehistory and Archaeology museum, etc.
Wards: 30Alba (St. John)
Árbol (St. Lawrence)
Belesar (St. Martin)
Boizán (St. James)
Carballido (St. Mary)
Codesido (St. Martin)
Corvelle (St. Bartholomew)
Distriz (St. Martin)
Goiriz (St. James)
Gondaísque (St. Mary)
Insua (St. Bartholomew)
Ladra (St. Salvador)
Lanzós (St. Martin)
Lanzós (St. Salvador)
Mourence (St. Xiao)
Nete (St. Cosme)
Noche (St. Martin)
Oleiros (St. Mamede)
Rioaveso (St Xurxo)
Román (Santalla)
Samarugo (St. James)
Costa (San Simón)
Sancovade (St. James)
Santaballa (St. Peter)
Soexo (St. Mary)
Tardade (St. Mary)
A Torre (St. Mary)
Vilalba (St. Mary)
Vilapedre (St. Mamede)
Xoibán (St. Salvador)